Friday, January 19, 2018


For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places

Ephessians 6:12

By Clyde Harkins | Wake the Church | Mar. 22, 2011

Have you ever wondered which broad general law Americans are under?  Some people answer this question by saying they are under statues/laws passed by Congress, State legislatures and cities and counties, or perhaps interpretations of laws by courts.
If you are a Christian you would likely answer the question by saying that you are obligated to follow God's laws the moral laws called the ten commandments and the two great laws that Jesus gave commanding us to love God and our neighbor.  However, all of us as Americans have also consented to be bound knowing or unknowingly by many private contracts that we have been placed under by our parents or that we have voluntarily entered into as adults.  
Before the 13 colonies formed the Federal government they used not only God's laws from the Bible, but also Common law also known as the law of the land or property as the basis for their law.   Common laws were the "body of principles and rules of action, relating to the government and the security of persons and property, which derived their authority solely from the customs of people" that primarily came from England.  Common law is in contrast Statutory law which are the laws created by acts of a legislature.   Colonists for the most part were not under a foreign, oppressive, type of law and could live their lives freely without outside interference.  They were very independent and the Kings of England like the Israelites kings did not have personal sovereignty over them.  God was their sovereign and He was the source of their lives and material prosperity.  They were loyal to the Kings of England as long as they followed God's laws and the Common law that began to have formal recognition at the time of the Magna Charta.  The colonists soon recognized the King was not following God's laws or the Common laws and had a long history of oppressing them and colonists in other places.   They eventually listed his Common law crimes committed against them and their God-given, unalienable rights to life, liberty and property in the Declaration of Independence.  So the united States of America was borne.
Let me suggest to you that this nations legal system is using a much broader almost unrestricted set of laws to govern human behavior that is foreign and alien to the original American system.  This law is Maritime law that sometimes is called Admiralty, Commercial or Administrative law and it is used to govern almost all the activities of individual citizens.  What is Maritime law?  It is the law that governs "marine commerce and navigation, to business transacted at sea or relating to navigation, to ships and shipping, to seamen, and to the transportation of persons and property by sea."  It is private law and is entered into by every individual via contracts.  This is why in 1935 Americans began being given Social Security numbers or what in Maritime law is called a "bill of lading" that lists by number the goods/freight carried on ships, trucks, or trains on the seas or on land.  Under Maritime law people do not have unalienable rights and/or even civil rights because they are considered to be property, just like any other goods, raw products or like the indentured servants or black slaves brought to America.  Under this system of law virtually any human activity can be regulated and people are a human resource.  What is a resource used for?  It is used up.  People are expendable.  What in Natural law is called a "natural person" or one of the people with God-given rights/value does not exist in practice under Maritime law.  Maritime law as applied to people is the result of a materialistic world view or set of values.
Congress over the years with the blessing of the courts has expanded the permission in the Constitution to regulate commerce to cover almost all human activity.  If you study scripture you realize God limited governments to punishing immoral crimes like murder and stealing and leave people along to serve Him.  He has not authorized it to tell us we must eat broccoli or to buy health insurance from a private company.  The expansion and misuse of Maritime/Commercial law is the source of much tyranny in America.  
When the colonists formed the Federal government, they gave it the power to "regulate commerce" and this resulted in the Federal government and the states over time exchanging what had been their Common laws for Maritime/Commercial law.  The trouble is that this law does not require an actual injury or damage to a person or his property.  A simple action such as failing to file the right paperwork can result in a penalty.  The use of this jurisdiction is the reason why in modern times the failure to stop at a red light or failing to put your seat belt on and thousands of other offenses (not crimes which damages life or property) are now used to levy a penalty against violators.  So what we have now in America are millions of possible administrative, commercially bases offenses which are a source of the not only billions of dollars of revenue for governments, but also increasing tyranny.  Remember in the Declaration of Independence, the colonists complained that the King had "erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers, to harass our people, and eat out their substance."  The King was just protecting what he considered was his property which included both the people and the land, that is, everything in the thirteen colonies. 
It is no different in America today than it was at the time of the writing and publishing of the Declaration of Independence and until the pulpits of America raise their voices against the despotism now in America, like the ministers did in the years before the Declaration of Independence, it is up to each of us who call on the name of the Lord to raise our voices not only against wickedness in high places, but also wickedness in the general culture.  We need to reinstitute Biblical/Common law basis of the legal system in our states and at the Federal level.  If we fail to restore the God ordained basis of our legal system, it will not be very long before speaking out against anything the government deems "offensive" will become a serious crime punishable by large fines, imprisonment or death. 
In a subsequent article I will explain how the occult, criminal, international banking system uses Maritime law as the jurisdiction to claim us as chattel property.