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Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.

2 Thessalonians 2:3

By Mrs. Wayne E. Hunter | | Sep 30, 2006

Adultery, pornography, broken homes, domestic abuse, abusive children, poor mental, physical, and emotional health, illness, disease, dysfunctional schools, heart disease now killing one out of two women; these problems plague our families and nation. These things break women’s hearts, literally. They not only break our hearts, but our nation. They are of profound seriousness. Families and nations don’t thrive under these conditions, and despite law after law being passed to try to alleviate these problems, they still grow and grow. America, we have hope. The New Women’s Movement holds the key and the cure to these problems. This hope, key, and cure stand to affect us all in more ways than can be imagined. America, your wives and mothers are coming home.


Today’s wives and mothers have found their total freedom. Freedom from tyrannical bosses. Freedom from unfair wages and promotions. Freedom from dividing our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls between work and family. We’ve found our freedom by coming home. Here we are truly free: financially, emotionally, and creatively. Our hearts are free to love, free to give, free to be and become who we really are, free to get to know who we really are, and free with our schedules. We manage all of these freedoms with perhaps more skill, professionalism, and resourcefulness than ever before, and it’s healing us, our families, and our nation.

We find much mental happiness in our freedom to create within the household. It doesn’t take a menial laborer to become one of the New Women’s Movement’s wives and mothers; it takes a genius, which just happens to be what American women are known for. For example, we don’t just decorate the inside of our homes, rather, we study the subject, then we observe our family members to decide which colors, fabrics, art, and décor best suits the growth of their personalities and development. We then shop around for the highest quality at the best prices to implement our plan. And if we can’t find what we’re looking for, we make it ourselves. We are expressing ourselves, we are treasuring our family members, and we are all growing healthier in every aspect.

Not just anyone can love the way a round-the-clock wife and mother can. Here, in our profession, we know that love is reciprocal – we have to give it to receive it – and the more we give, the more we get. We need it, we share it, and we grow in it. We are finding happiness that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, and that is in our very own homes.

Substituted, but Never Replaced

The feminist movement gave us the “liberation” to face life outside the home. We were given the means to find and provided with substitutes for the care that wives and mothers traditionally gave their families, such as daycare, earlier and later compulsory age requirements in schools, three-meal-a-day daycares and schools, fast-food restaurants, and quick-fix-it boxed meals to replace home-cooked meals. School teachers took over character training for our children, therapists took over teaching our children to play and get to know themselves as well as interacting with others, counselors took over the wise counsel and understanding that once only a mother could give, and tax-funded social services for families and communities grew astronomically.

All of these substitutes and services have cost and continue to cost our nation incalculable amounts of money both publicly and privately--but were once provided for free to our families and society from devoted, round-the-clock wives and mothers. What we’ve learned through our “liberation from the home” was that these substitute services can’t hold a candle to what we can provide. We are irreplaceable. When people are paid to give these services, they do it for money; when women choose to give of themselves by providing these services, they do it out of and for love. Love: that’s the missing ingredient, and the best kind of love is love that gives freely. There’s only one way to develop this love, as today’s wives and mothers have found out, and that is through the devoted day-in/day-out care of our own families. We’re here, we’re on the job - though be it at home - and we’re excelling. We’ve tried the substitutes; now we’re all ready for the real thing. We’re indispensable, irreplaceable, and we’re in love with our families. The New Women’s Movement wives and mothers are truly liberated by living as God created us to live – and this pours out into our society in a most profound way.

Our View of Our Husbands and Children

Perhaps here, more than anywhere else, is where the greatest avenue of change lies. When “the battle of the sexes” began, we couldn’t just leave it in the workforce, but it, unfortunately, came home with us. It has grown and grown until domestic abuse dominates many American families. Women are statistically more abusive than men, and we don’t like it. We refuse to live this way. We refuse to be abused and we refuse to abuse. We have found the golden keys to prevention. We have reexamined the attributes of men and women and studied their undeniable differences. We have stopped believing that men and women’s functions in the home and society are interchangeable, but now know that these functions, while very different, are of equal importance. In this New Women’s Movement, we have removed the battle lines, laid our weapons down, and are making peace in our homes. We choose to speak in kindness and wisdom to our family members. We refuse to continually put them down and treat them as if they are of little importance. We love them, and they love us. If there is to be peace on earth, it must begin at home. We’re here. We’re today’s peacekeepers, and not only are we living the ways of peace, but we are teaching our children these ways. We are encouraging our husbands in these paths of peace by offering them the love, understanding, and intuition that only their wives can provide them, and we just happen to be lowering our blood pressures, stress levels, and agitation in the process--not to mention giving these healthful gifts to our families.

We are Confident, Educated, and Resourceful

Like our foremothers long ago, we devote ourselves completely to our cause, and thanks to abundant opportunities for learning, confidence, and resources that we have access to in our nation, we can do our job with unmatchable expertise. No one can love a woman’s husband and children the way she can. Combining our hearts with our confidence, education, and resources makes a New Women’s Movement wife and mother a woman who exceeds excellence. We don’t just feed our children sugar-laden cereal in front of a TV every morning, but serve them home-made meals created from healthful, whole ingredients--while discussing current events or holding character-building conversations with them. We don’t just make do; we do well.

Today’s wives and mothers have found that the best quality for their families most often happens to be from their own hands. We garden, we preserve what we’ve grown, we sew quality clothing for our children at a fraction of the cost of low-to-mid quality clothing, and we find ways to save while increasing our family’s quality of life. Our husbands make the living for our families and we make our families lives worth living. The two halves really do make a superbly workable whole.

We’ve been in the workforce with men and know the kind of women there are out there, and thus we know how to prevent other women from destroying our marriages. We’ve observed what works and what doesn’t work as far as what men really want. We know that men, at least our husbands, view us as respectable, dedicated, honorable, selfless rather than selfish, and magnificent. We don’t have to worry quite so much about our husbands leaving us for other women or walking out on us, leaving us with no means of support, because our husbands are supported, loved, appreciated, admired, and respected. It’s all mutual. Both we and our husbands know that we are two halves of an intricately beautiful whole, and it’s a rather divine way to live. We’re happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise.

The Incalculable Economic Impact of the New Movement

This is a most significant impact of this New Movement. While we are no longer in the workforce contributing to our national economy, we are actually repairing it from the inside. We give of ourselves to our family’s total well-being, including their health, welfare, and character. This has astronomic implications for our economic future. Everything that we do for our families we do with not just today, but tomorrow, in mind. Breastfeeding is an excellent example. We know that we are giving our children physical, emotional, and spiritual nutrition that can’t be found anywhere else on earth. We know that not only do these benefits affect our children today, but that they will continue until their dying day. We bring this level of intelligence, dedication, nurture, and foresight into all we do in our homes. This means a healthier nation today and tomorrow, which also means a dramatic decrease in the amount that the government, through tax dollars, must spend trying to repair health and homes.

We are smart, excited, motivated, and dedicated. We love to share what we learn, and we do so freely in many ways, such as with websites, community or online classes, and sharing great resources. All of these things save our nation tremendous amounts on health and social services both today and in the future.

Another big movement inside the New Women’s Movement is that many of our families are working together to get out of debt and stay out of debt. These wives and mothers are master gardeners, seamstresses, and hard workers, and we are saving our families bundles. We know how to live within our families’ means but to not sacrifice quality and comfort. We are saving our husbands the wear-and-tear of trying to live above our means, and this leads to healthier hearts, minds, bodies, and souls for not only them, but for us and our children. We love our husbands, and we will do whatever we can to ensure that they are around for a long, long time. Our women are learning to be much more resourceful and frugal, and we are passing these lessons on to our children. Our children are tomorrow’s citizens and policy makers, and if they know well the art of managing money and avoiding debt, they can lead our nation to economic freedom and stability.

The Bright Future of Our Families, Nation, and World

By God's grace, we will have loving, secure, healthy, happy, capable adults due to this movement. Every American citizen will see the marvelous fruits of the New Women’s Movement in the years to come. We all win: America’s round-the-clock wives and mothers because we are being restored to a place of honor and dignity in our society; America’s husbands because they are being welcomed back with open arms to their roles of honor, strength, and provision; America’s children, because they are being valued as treasures, the greatest of all our national resources; and America’s society as a whole, because a nation is only as strong as its families, and in our families lie the strength and character of our nation. In the future it is suspected that we will see with a mighty force the truth in the saying, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” Welcome home, Momma, and thank you!

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[Editor's Postscript: Feeling excited and energized with renewed vision about the importance of your role? Great! Share that excitement and enthusiasm by helping your younger sisters to become competent and confident. Feeling totally overwhelmed and incapable of reaching the goals set forth in this article? Take heart! You might think, "There is no way I can manage home-cooked meals daily, let alone the inspiring discussions around the dinner table. Who are you kidding?" Here's the hope: One step at a time. One baby step at a time. Set small goals and work toward those, not despairing when you feel the high goals are completely out of reach. Once you meet the small goal, move on to the next one. Step, step, step. Slow and steady. Maybe this week it's just getting up on time. Maybe next week it will be working out a day's menu plan. No one is holding out a timer on your progress, and every tiny step is a victory. Perhaps you've never met an accomplished homemaker and don't even know where to start. Look at your children and think, "This is for them. Even if I don't 'do it all,' I want to help them learn to do better." Look around for older women who have excelled in this area and ask for their advice. None to be found? The online resources are numerous as well (visit our links). Feel like all of this is a fairy tale that can't possibly come true? It's not. Our foremothers took it for granted that a woman would attain the skills needed to be an accomplished wife, mother, cook, seamstress, gardener, and even CFO for the family. Their mothers passed down these skills to them, and with these skills, they built our nation. Alexis de Toqueville noted this when he visited America in the 1830s: "As for myself, I do not hesitate to avow that although the women of the United States are confined within the narrow circle of domestic life, and their situation is in some respects one of extreme dependence, I have nowhere seen woman occupying a loftier position; and if I were asked, now that I am drawing to the close of this work, in which I have spoken of so many important things done by the Americans, to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply: To the superiority of their women." ~ Democracy in America, Book III, Chapter 12. America once abounded in the kind of women described in this article; she can do so again if we will apply ourselves to excellence and commit ourselves to training our daughters to do the same. One step at a time!]


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