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Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.

2 Thessalonians 2:3

By Dave Gibson | Examiner | Jun. 4, 2011

Rev. Robin Hoover, founder of the illegal alien advocacy group known as Humane Borders, is planning on distributing 100 GPS devices to human smugglers in Mexico, to aid them and their human cargo on their illegal journeys into the U.S.

Rev. Hoover told Reuters: “Migrants are getting into greater danger as they go further out across the border to avoid detection, and they need help. They ... are dying at a higher rate, so we've got to do something different.”

So far, Hoover has given five of the GPS devices to a church in the Mexican state of Sonora, which will be given to coyotes on the other side of the border.

“It’s like giving a life preserver to somebody that’s using a boat,” says Hoover.

The devices cost about $225 each. The reverend is soliciting donations to help cover expenses.

Since 2001, Humane Borders has been building and maintaining water stations throughout the Arizona desert to aid those crossing into this country illegally.

They place large plastic barrels filled with drinking water throughout the Arizona border area. All of these water stations come equipped with flagpoles which fly blue flags to make it easier for the illegal crossers to find them. The group currently operates 100 water stations. Volunteers regularly patrol the desert to give away food and offer first aid to illegal aliens.

In 2006, the group was upset because someone had been draining and sometimes damaging the water tanks. Apparently, the volunteers with Humane Borders were not paying attention to the news...American citizens have decided that the only way the border will be defended is to do it themselves!

Upset over the plight of illegal aliens, Humane Borders volunteer Frank Saavedra said: “If they're planning on getting their water at that location and they get there and there's no water, then the next time they could get water could be not before they die.”

Though Humane Borders seeks to make the illegal crossing into the United States as easy as possible, many locals are frustrated and fed up with the daily invasion.

Tucson area resident Russ Dove told a KVOA reporter: "The vandal issue is a sign that Americans have had enough. These [illegal aliens] are robbers, rapists, murderers. This is simply aiding and abetting criminal activity."

A quick review of the official website for Humane Borders gives some insight into the political motivations behind their kindness to invaders. Humane Borders lists their legislative objectives as: “(1) Legalize the undocumented now living and working in the U.S. (2) Begin a responsible guest worker program by issuing work visas directly to migrants so that they are not tied to any one employer or sector of the economy and allow workers to be organized. (3) Increase the number of visas for Mexican nationals. (4) Demilitarize border. (5) Support economic development in Mexico. (6) Federal aid for local medical service providers, law enforcement and adjudication, land owners and managers.”

In a section which Humane Borders lists their major donors for the group's annual operating budget ( $205,000 (2006); $189,780 (2007); $154,000 (2008) ), they list among others, the Pima County Board of Supervisors. Are public funds being used in this endeavor?

Latino broadcasters Radio Unica and Univison also contribute to the aid and comfort of the invaders.

More troubling is the claim that the group makes over having permits with the National Park Service, which allows them to aid illegal aliens in several Southwestern National Parks. Among the parks Humane Borders offers regularly operate is Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, which is the site of Park Ranger Kris Eggle's murder by Mexican drug smugglers.

It is obvious that Humane Borders has no respect for our laws, nor for the American lives which are harmed on a daily basis by illegal aliens. They are simply another left wing group which sees no need for borders and believes that everyone has the right to enter this country through any means necessary. By making the trip easier, this group actively encourages more people to invade this country, many of whom are drug smugglers, sex offenders, and quite possibly terrorists.

To date, all of my interview requests to Humane Borders have been ignored. I wanted to ask them how they feel about the fact that drug smugglers and murderers are using their water stations to help them along their illegal journey into this country.

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